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Civiliti is for the planet

Civiliti is a collective of people and organizations committed to respecting the environment, understanding the need for cultural preservation, offering Knowledge Centers for the public and creating sustainable revenue streams for EcoArtists and for non-profit organizations that support human rights and biocultural diversity.


Civiliti is comprised of passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds such as Time Warner, Cablevision, Verizon, and Broadcast TV, Groupware,, Visiosonic, and numerous international projects. We collectively have experience working with diverse organizations including the UN, UNESCO, CCC UN, NY Division of Human Rights, Meet The Farmer TV, The Rio Earth Summit, Kayapo Rainforest, World Wildlife Fund, Music as a Natural Resource and many more.

Meet our Partners and the Civiliti Champions

What is EcoArt?


​EcoArt is an artistic practice or discipline proposing paradigms sustainable with the life forms and resources of our planet. It is composed of artists, scientists, philosophers and activists who are devoted to the practices of ecological art. EcoArt is distinguished by a focus on systems and interrelationships within our environment: the ecological, geographic, political, biological and cultural. 


EcoArt creates awareness, stimulates dialogue, changes human behavior towards other species, and encourages the long-term respect for the natural systems with which we coexist. EcoArt manifests as socially engaged, activist, community-based restorative or interventionist. There are numerous approaches to EcoArt. ​

Featured  is a brilliant photo by the EcoArtist photographer Ilya Raskin

A current definition of EcoArt, drafted collectively by the EcoArtNetwork is "... an art practice that embraces an ethic of social justice in both its content and form/materials. EcoArt is created to inspire caring and respect, stimulate dialogue, and encourage the long-term flourishing of the social and natural environments in which we live. It commonly manifests as socially engaged, activist, community-based, restorative or interventionist art."

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