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We integrate human rights News and Knowledge into the Civiliti Catalog and The Human Rights Knowledge Center, utilizing all digital platforms, to support human rights, environmental sustainability and EcoArt.  Civiliti is specifically committed to promoting knowledge, advocacy and action on human rights issues that intersect with issues faced by indigenous, traditional and local communities and related environmental issues.

Human Rights Learning

Content under development includes:


  • 7-minute Journeys, short form versions of full length documentaries,

  • 3-minute movies, interviews with creators and subject matter experts, and

  • 1-minute miracles, that provide three advocacy access points in a minute.

In addition to Action and Advocacy opportunities within the catalog, and with tremendous support from iNDEMAND, Civiliti will make short form videos available to 65 million homes for free on TV and to millions more via IP.  Full length documentaries related to the short forms are available on nonprofit sites, artist-creator sites, local community sites, and partner and Civiliti sites.

For more information, see our Human Rights Knowledge Center.

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