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Support Civiliti directly. Civiliti is a 501c3 non-profit

The Civiliti Catalog will promote EcoArt and create awareness, stimulate dialogue, and encourage long-term respect for people and the natural systems with which we coexist. EcoArt focuses on ecological, geographic, political, biological and cultural interrelationships within our environment and proposes paradigms sustainable with people, all life forms and resources of our planet.


In fact, the Civiliti Revenue Model is one of Self-Sustainability ... 50% of the EcoArt purchase goes to the Artisan and 25% goes to the non-profit... THAT YOU [the buyer] CHOOSE.


In partnership with these EcoArtists and the environmental and human rights non-profit community, Civiliti is creating videos to bring you the environmental sustainability or human rights information you need - from the artists, from the knowledge holders, from the nonprofits at the forefront of our collective pursuit for "civiliti". The videos will be integrated into the Civiliti Catalog and will highlight the EcoArt, the artists' stories and traditional knowledge behind their creations, as well as the pressing issues of environmental and human rights abuses facing communities around the world.

Civiiliti is available for direct donation. As a recognized 501c3, all contributions are tax-deductible. Immediate support will go towrards:

  • Developing video and other knowledge-sharing content for the Catalog

  • Building the online platform for the Catalog, including all the necessary technology to support our multi-media approach

  • Completing the Knowledge Centers for the Environment, Human Rigths and EcoArt


None of the funds will be used for staff time... it is completely volunteered.

In addition, we have a completely unique set of EcoArt focused, Civiliti Perks to thank you with, many of which have been donated by our EcoArtist Civiliti Champions! We are thrilled to have any level of funding affordable to you in support of our Civiliti Mission.

Other ways to get involved
  • Share the Vision of Civiliti through your social media networks.
  • Join Civiliti: We are always delighted to add new partners who share our passion for the planet and wish to support our efforts.

  • Artists and Artisans: Sell your EcoArt through the Civiliti Catalog!


                        or Contact us to learn more!

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