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EcoArt Academy - Example


When you click above you will learn about the history of EcoArt and its relationship to the environment.

The EcoArt Academy provides knowledge about the creative brilliance that exists among all peoples on the planet.


When you click above you will learn about the Artists, Artisans and Musicians that make up the Civiliti Champions of EcoArt. You will learn how one can get involved and become an EcoArtist in support of Environmental Sustainability and Human Rights. 

Civiliti invites you to witness the breadth and depth of the artistic creations and provides an ability to support the artists and their work. We are building a directory of  individual artists to help you learn about their inspirations, techniques and stories.

Other EcoArt Academy topics include:


  • Activist Projects

  • Direct Encounters

  • Land Art

  • Lived / Relational Aesthetics


  • Remediation Projects

  • Representational Artworks

  • Social Sculptures

  • Sustainable Art

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