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The EcoArt Academy


Artists, artisans, musicians, photographers, painters, sculptors ... all manner of "environmental, ecological and eco" artists make up a completely unique group of global citizens - an entourage of creative genius from every corner of the earth.  While "EcoArt" is a relatively new term, the environmental and ecological artists, musicians and crafts people have created originals for centuries, from every manner of material. 

The purpose of this important Advocacy & Resource section is to provide you with links to organizations, networks and knowledge sources about "all things EcoArt".  

Many of our Civiliti Champions are EcoArtists, their work - highlighted in the 2016 Civiliti Perks - are foundational to the Civiliti Catalog. These Champions are on a mission of Civliiti and enjoy the increased exposure of their artwork through the Civiliti Catalog.  50% of all purchases goes directly to the artist and 25% is donated to the Non-Profit of your choice. 

EcoArt: Artists, Artisans, Access

EcoArt, Artisans & Musicians

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Directories under development in this section include:
  • Directory of Artists and Artisans
  • Directory of EcoArt Organizations
  • Directory of EcoArt Education
  • Directory of EcoArt Resources
  • Directory of Arts Related Organizations
  • Directory of Arts Grants
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