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Civiliti is the first non-profit media network focused exclusively on developing sustainable revenue streams that support human rights and the environment through EcoArt.
Civiliti, through the Civiliti Catalog, engages EcoArtists, Musicians, the art community, and the public to expand knowledge and understanding about the interdependence between EcoArt and environmental sustainability, human and indigenous rights and cultural preservation, while increasing EcoArt purchase potential.
We work directly with EcoArtists, Artisans and Musicians around the world and support them by sharing their stories, while expanding their market. Through fair trade agreements, 50% of gross revenue is returned to the artist for all purchases made.

We support environmental sustainability and human rights by helping the world understand EcoArt and by connecting EcoArt to environmental and human rights issues through The Knowledge Center.  Civiliti provides direct financial support to environmental and human rights organizations. When you purchase EcoArt YOU CHOOSE an organization from a credentialed list of non-profits on Charity Navigator to receive 25% of the purchase price.

The Civiliti Catalog

We provide the conscientious shopper access to EcoArt - in all its forms - from around the world. Purchase EcoArt for yourself and as gifts … and you'll be generously supporting the artists as well as the environmental and cultural preservation advocacy work of the organization of your choice.

In partnership with EcoArtists and the environmental and human rights non-profit community, Civiliti is developing a Knowledge Center and EcoArt Academy to bring you the environmental sustainability or human rights information you need - from the artists, from the knowledge holders, from the nonprofits at the forefront of our collective pursuit for "civiliti".  The multimedia and video-centric learning opportunities will highlight the artists' stories and traditional knowledge behind their creations, as well as the pressing issues of environmental and human rights abuses facing communities around the world.

While the Civiliti Catalog is still being developed, here are a few examples of EcoArt that will be available:

When you support the Civiliti Catalog, advocacy for environmental and cultural preservation is enhanced. EcoArt is advanced. Knowledge is gained. Environmental and cultural preservation and human rights nonprofits of your choice are supported.

What We Do

ze caiapo
004 Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) Churchill - MB Canada
The Fertility Goddess - Antonio Mari
Statue 1b_African EcoArt
042 Cotopaxi Province - Ecuador
007_Lion cub_Kenya
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