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Eric Seijo


An experienced web developer, programmer and database administrator with 16 years of experience, Eric has managed highly complex technology development efforts and is well-versed in building large-scale software, web and e-commerce applications as well enterprise-wide software solutions. Eric has been a web developer since the early days of the web, is a big proponent of web standards and is active in the open source software community.



Eric served for eight years as software developer and then Chief Technology Officer for Visiosonic, a music software company. He was responsible for the development of the PCDJ software product line as well as a custom music software player for the release of Microsoft's Halo2 video game. Other clients have included the City of Tampa, Florida Courthouse,,,,,, Achieva Credit Union, Consumer Sales Solutions and GFI Software. Eric currently runs his own software company Codephreak Technologies, Inc.

Since 2006 Eric has run Codephreak Technologies a software and IT consulting company. Projects range from internal systems, SaaS / Cloud based projects and desktop software applications. Specialties include Ruby on Rails development as well as connecting clients to cloud based services (Netsuite, etc.) to increase their proficiency and productivity. Clients include GFI Software, Consumer Sales Solutions, DV&A and For the last five years Eric was also the Senior Engineer on the Ruby on Rails development team for the design industry’s leading research library. Responsibilities included back-end & front-end development, DBA and API design.

For six years through 2012, Eric served as engineering manager, project manager and lead architect / developer in the development of Groupware’s internal software system “Lava - Field Manager”. Launched company-wide in April 2010, Lava is a Ruby on Rails driven SaaS application which runs all aspects of Groupware’s cable installation business including client management, project management, employee and HR, job tracking, field tech management, invoicing, payroll, analytics and reporting. Lava is currently in used company-wide in 12 offices by over 800 employees. Eric managed all software projects, technology, software developers, manufacturing and internal systems for the PCDJ line of music software and hardware products for 4 years through 2006.

Eric served as the lead engineer / architect for Software Shelf’s internal systems and e-commerce application. Software Shelf International’s web store served as the web store for other organizations including Executive Software (Diskeeper Corp) and Visiosonic fr four years through 2003.

Eric has a BS in Computer Science, Music Performance Major. Certified DBA. Eric has always been great at working with people, understanding requirements and communicating ideas; Bi-lingual (English, Spanish); Agile / Test driven development; documentation and spec writing. Development Environments / Technologies: C, C#, C++, ObjectiveC, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, MySQL, PostreSQL, MS SQL Server, Git, RSpec, Cucumber.

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