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Glauco Lima


Glauco Lima's 2016 release: Once Upon A Time, is based on an environmental story. Glauco displayed his unique talent at a very young age, when he used to hum along with his mother on her lullabies even before speaking, says her.  Now, with more than twenty

years of experience as a live performer, studio musician and producer, bandleader, singer, and composer, he had the opportunity to perform at some highly prestigious venues such as The NY Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Fondazione Siena Jazz - Italy (Accademia Nazionale del Jazz), Un Tubo Jazz Club - Italy, Shanghai Jazz Club - NJ, Blue Note Jazz New York, and others.

Among the artists and musicians Mr. Lima has worked with the following: Romina Capitani, Danna Talley, Margrit Zimmerman, the Grammy award-winning James Czeiner, Alvin Slaughter, Ron Kenoly, Todd Coolman, Billy Newman, Jon Werking, Rogerio Boccato, João Mota, Zé Luis, Alexandre Aposan, Paulo Braga, Eduardo Belo, João Alexandre, Livio Almeida, Jamba Castro, Edward Perez, John Cooksey, Doug Epstein, the award-winning John Patitucci, and many more. His most recent appearance was at the Blue Note Jazz NY with Shari Pine, Steve Doyle, and Andrew Pastorino.


Glauco Lima is constantly searching for new possibilities, new sonorities, and ways of expressing art through music. This concept led him to create his last album entitled Once Upon a Time. It's an instrumental project consisted mostly of original compositions but also some great covers. Moreover, it is also part of an original story written by him that develops along with the songs.


It is an enjoyable and worth-hearing experience with lots of interesting nuances and creativity.

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