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Vera Raskin


Vera Raskin is the Managing Director  As a professional marketing researcher and as a historian I know the allure of the infinite field of African Tribal Art. As a certified life coach I am rewarded by e-mails and phone conversations with my clients from all over the world. They contact me about all aspects of tribal art – from tribal identification to assistance with selection of pieces for stage decorations, art installations, home décor, and rounding out their collections.

I married into a collectors' family. My father-in-law started his African Art collection in the mid 1970'ies. My mother-in-law was passionate about her family antique business. And for the first 10 years of my married life I argued with my husband over every piece of African art he brought home…until one day it dawned on me that he was not just "decorating" our house, but rather – he was building our AFRICAN ART COLLECTION.


My husband and my father-in-law collaborated and often competed in their collecting.


I even coach my clients in how to walk a fine line between heeding their passion for collecting African art and maintaining peace with their spouses. I know the magic for bringing balance and harmony into collectors' lives!


AND being bilingual – I love every accent I hear at the other end of the phone line – be it Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Australian, Texan or that unmistakable New York brogue.

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